tracy drolet

Originally from Connecticut, Tracy caught the acting bug early, performing for her parents at the dinner table, regaling them with stories about what she did at nursery school each day when, in fact, she did not attend nursery school. Since then she has gone on to perform diverse roles in theatre, film and television, from Florida to New York to Los Angeles. While in New York, she studied with one of Stanford Meisner’s protégées, Kathryn Gately, at the famed Gately-Poole Acting Studio. Besides acting, Tracy enjoys other creative pursuits such as writing, photography and yoga. She’s an avid reader and appreciates having long, deep conversations about philosophy, human behavior, spiritual pursuits and even politics. Ironically, and something that her friends don’t believe about her, she’s shy by nature and is rather terrified of giving speeches – and doing karaoke. One of the things she loves most about acting is being able to connect with others and bare your soul in ways that some people find overwhelming in real life. Being around creative, passionate people inspires her to constantly move forward and challenge herself so she’s always evolving, not only as an artist but as human being.


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