petra areskoug

Petra Areskoug once ran past Sydney Pollack. He cracked up. She has that effect on people.

Born and raised in Sweden, Petra’s interest in film started very early and led to performing in school plays and sketches that she wrote. Her passion grew stronger and she wanted to act in film comedies (preferably directed by Woody Allen). Her parents wouldn't hear any of it before she had a ¨real education¨. During her last semester at The University of Gothenburg she chose to do her fieldwork in NYC so she could find the acting school she was later going to attend. The day after graduating she was on a plane to Los Angeles to pursue her dream. Still so happy to have met Adam Marcus and the good people at Damn Skippy Theatreworks, today Petra continues to broaden her passion for and knowledge of film through producing and editing.


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