robert kurtzman

Robert Kurtzman is an icon in the world of special make-up and creature effects, the director of Wishmaster, Deadly Impact and Buried Alive, and the writer of the original story and FX creator on the horror classic From Dusk Till Dawn! His 30-year career includes credits like Dances with Wolves, Evil Dead II, It Follows, Thir13en Ghosts, The Green Mile, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Austin Powers: Goldmember and the television series Hercules and Xena.

His latest work can be seen right now in Kevin Smith’s TUSK (available on iTunes.) From the mouth of Kevin Smith himself: “We kept the visage of the walrus suit under wraps for over a year; time for Tusk-maker Kurtzman to take his bows for such amazing (and simultaneously atrocious) work! All my thanks, Bob: you are rubber magic…which sounds dirtier than I meant it.” TIME’s review of TUSK called out Kurtzman’s makeup specially, and his work has been remarked on as excellent, fantastic, and remarkable in reviews from IGN and efilmcritic: “The contributions from makeup designer Robert Kurtzman are equally impressive–for his main effect, he has been asked to produced something that will move audiences from laughter to nausea to sympathy, sometimes at the same time, and damned if he doesn’t pull it off.”


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