Timothy David George Eilers



Tim started playing piano at the age of 5 and became a student of the Minnesota Music Teachers Association. During the next ten years with the MMTA he ranked with the highest finalists in statewide piano competitions on two separate occasions. The finalists then performed at the state Honors Concert at the University of Minnesota Northrop Auditorium conducted by Phillip Brunelle. Tim also received a certificate of Highest Distinction in Music Theory from the MMTA. The most pivotal moment in his early years was to find a brand new synthesizer in a store in Minneapolis while rehearsing for the second of his two Honors Concerts. The experience with the new music technology was every bit as influential as his time working on the piano.

Influenced by Brian Eno, Gary Numan, Wendy Carlos, Tangerine Dream and David Sylvian the adoption of electronic keyboards was all but inevitable. The next few years were spent collecting and learning all he could about synthesizers and sampling technology.

His first opportunity as a composer came with the documentary The Art of Illusion which later became a series. Tim composed much of the score and shared a credit with a fellow composer. He would later contribute heavily to the films Children of the Corn 666, Backlot Murders and One Point 0. Tim composed the entire score for the video releases In The Dead of Winter and Belong.

Tim has been interviewed by the UK online music magazines Sonic Connection and Nupod for his Gary Numan covers project. Three of those covers have been recently featured on the OTB Records release “Metazoa.” The finished product was pressed on glorious purple vinyl and released with all proceeds going to various animal charities in the UK.

Tim’s music can also be heard on the website of the award-winning music sample libraries from Eastwest Studios. Tim’s compositions can be heard on their Stormdrum 3 and Darkness libraries helping them illustrate the capabilities of their best-selling products.

Tim resides in Northridge California with his wife and two stepsons and their two rescue dogs. He enjoys spending as much time as he can in his home music studio doing what he loves. Making music.