joyce greenleaf

An “almost” troublemaker and natural teacher since childhood, a six-year-old Joyce used to wander around her NYC neighborhood telling all the other kids everything she learned in school that day. As an adult, she taught classrooms on both coasts for 34 exciting years before discovering a new and insatiable passion for acting. Since then she’s been thrilled to appear in some fantastic projects: her favorite roles include Agent Carter, House, Criminal Minds, Boston Legal, Hung, Six Feet Under, The Judge, Connected, Life in Pink, and When We Were 22.

Joyce published her first book in 2011 called Curtains for my Mirrors (A Humorous Approach to Aging) and she continues to laugh at each new wrinkle. She is inspired by Sally Field, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and her late mother: a woman who continues to play a large role in Joyce’s life. Joyce describes her mom as, “...a wonderful listener and very ‘life-wise.’ I have inherited that gene and I try to share that part of myself with other people.”


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